Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This semester, I'm taking a still life photography class at BYU.  We were finally turned loose in the studio this week, and here's what I came up with!  Enjoy gazing upon my favored health-freak soda, and I claim no actual affiliation to the brand.

... and I dare you to find a nicer picture of their product on google.


I realized that the last time I posted was somewhere close to forever ago, but I would like to reassure everyone that I have not ceased to make photographic goodness!  The time to post my work has been scarce.

That said, I present my very first food photography work!  Yes, this is my first dabble.  I'll be presenting one of these as a print in class tomorrow, so they can have a heyday pulling it to pieces, but I'm alright with that.  That's how you learn.

Food prepared by the wonderful Leland Spindler.

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