Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My first music video

As it happens, my 5d Mark II shoots HD video as well as still photographs. Though I've studied photography for several years now, and owned my 5d for a year, I had not yet gone beyond mere tests of this newfangled functionality when the semester began. My best (and only) work beyond simply turning ON the video function was a dorky music video combining stills and video that I took when some girls pulled a prank on the guys we know.

But don't worry, I dove in head first to cinematography this semester and hit the bottom with a reassuring thud!

I took one class where we did a crash-course in movie production by making short films. I was lucky enough to work with a talented child actress who is familiar with film work, and had to put in hours of work editing that I never expected. In the end, we turned out a good little product considering none of my classmates had ever produced a film, and hopefully it will be posted in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, in my advanced digital photography class, I decided that since I was working on a short film I was more than qualified to play with video for my final class project. I mean, a two-month project? One simple music video? Of course I could handle that... single handed...

In the end, every plan I tried to make collapsed. Since it was not a group project like the short film, I was left to location scout, direct, produce, decorate, shoot, and edit, only having hands on board to help the day of the shoot. Were it not for the generosity of those who showed up to help, I'm not sure how it all would have turned out.

Many thanks to The Indecision for participating in the circus and volunteering their time and talents. The song War Wounds and the recording are theirs, all original, and a part of their album you can listen to and purchase here.

Below is the end result! My second real video (first flying solo), shot on two 5d Mark IIs, and edited in FinalCut Pro!

P.S. The online video is low-res due to difficulties uploading.  The actual video is HD.

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