Thursday, February 3, 2011

For a change of pace... gun owners?

A lot of my work lately has been a bit more... frilly?  I have been thrilled to spend so much time with weddings and engagements and work with happy couples.

However, this is not a wedding or engagement session.

This is the first shoot from a project I am starting that will feature editorial portraits of gun owners.  Through the series, I plan to show the variety of gun owners out there - with varying reasons for gun ownership and differing attitudes towards the use of firearms.

Thanks to James for being my first subject!


  1. Cool picks! Nothing says hard core like a cub scout T-shirt. LOL.

  2. Baha! I know! The pictures are supposed to communicate personality, though. I think I managed.

  3. looks cool. where are my pictures?
    Cody Evans


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