Monday, May 30, 2011

Real life, personal thoughts, and pictures

For anyone who knows me personally, you may know that it is ridiculously hard to get ahold of me sometimes.  And even when I'm there, I get a little distracted sometimes.

For those who don't, just realize that during the summer, I work full-time, practice my photography, work freelance in addition to my job, try to work out regularly, have some level of a social life, and keep my apartment clean-ish.  I also keep up with other obligations, including (but not limited to) active religious participation and hopefully starting to work with a mentoring program soon.

This is not the school year.  This is the "off season."  It can and does get worse.

After going through a couple years of over-burdened workaholism, I realized that with all the strides I've made in art, one thing was missing...

... a real life.

And I'm out to fix that.

A couple weeks ago, my roommate and I went out for a cruise in my brother's new Jeep (which he's quite proud of).  It was one of those random little things that he was excited about, but with my schedule I might have declined or put it off in the past.

But I went.

And Rachael went.

And we had fun.

The really monumental thing is that I took my camera with me.  Often, the sheer volume of photos I work with made picture-taking a burden, because in an effort to be "productive" and "disciplined" I had upset the balance between practicality and living.  I had to get things done rather than doing things for people, and do things right rather than explore and create.  I wouldn't take pictures unless I thought they would be amazing or fill some requirement.

That mentality does not work out in the end.  I've spent a lot of time trying to DO so much that I became numb and tired.  Now it's time to LIVE.  That means making time for people that matter, for really getting connected spiritually, for personal work, and saying no to things that I just can't manage to do.  It'll take some work to re-balance everything, but I'm looking forward to the challenge... and the resulting imagery.

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  1. I only wish I was there more often to see how your new focus is treating you. I suspect it will be for the better. Enjoy life!


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