Saturday, January 21, 2012

The frigid joys of location scouting

If you want a nice setting for an image, you've got to know a good location to whip out when you need it.  This is not always an easy task when private property and fee-requiring parks stand in the way, so you find out where the nice wide open spaces and the most kindly shopkeepers and homeowners are located.

I wanted a good spot on the icy, wintery, Utah lake.

My brother and I went looking for a good spot with a view on the lake, because the closest park I knew of on the water requires payment.  That said, it's a big lake and I knew there had to be plenty of good area around.

And there is.

I was standing on the ice when this photo was shot, and the whole area you're looking at until the mountain is all ice.  I have decided that an ice-floored shoot needs to happen soon, and I'm also a bit impatient for it to get cold enough for me to ice skate on the lake safely.  Problem being, in the week and a half or so since I shot this, it has been unseasonably warm and when I went with some friends to scout a closer location (also lovely), the ice wasn't sturdy enough to walk on.

Not a fan of freezing to death in ice water.

I know many people out here will hate me for saying this but Utah needs to get a little colder!!

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