Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Still life in the kitchen

When I saw my roommate's flowers decomposing on the counter, I got the sudden urge to do a still life. This is the result:
I'm letting them decompose a little more and I want to get an additional element or two to re-shoot this tomorrow...


  1. Why, thanks :) I love light painting - I actually used a flashlight to illuminate this during a long exposure.

  2. lol I forgot to mention, but I've actually had this as my desktop background for the past couple of months. I just love the colors and the composition, and the placement of the flowers makes it perfect as a background (after I flipped it horizontally in paint :) ). I just wish I had access to a higher quality version, since it got a bit pixelated after being stretched to fit.

    --OneBoot :D

    1. Haha, very nice! Glad it could grace someone's desktop. I'd offer to send you a slightly bigger one, except I'm not entirely sure where this one is hiding on my external HDs at the moment.


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