Saturday, March 24, 2012

99 days of awesome photos... provided I have internet access

This adventure will be preceded by a long, cramped, trans-Atlantic flight.

I don't even remember when I took this.  Sometimes I get bored and play with photo booth on airplanes.

Unless something goes horribly wrong with my life plans between now and the beginning of June, I will be living in Belgium for three months during the summer.  The flights have already been booked and I realized that I will be traipsing around Europe for exactly 99 days.

"99 Days in Europe"

Doesn't that sound like a fun set of blog posts to follow?

Although much of my time will be spent in Belgium doing practical research-related work, I will have time to hop across the English Channel, take the train over to Paris, and towards the end of the trip take a couple of weeks to live like a nomad and see how much of the rest of Europe I can take in.  While I may not have internet access while hopping between hostels and such, I hereby vow to to share this summer in the form of a minimum 99 distinct photographs (and hopefully distinct blog posts, where possible).

Get ready...

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