Monday, November 21, 2011

Cos....tumer 5 - Dart

Star Wars time.

To give a sense of scale, here's a light test with me (about 5'6").

He has these booster shoes that you can't see in the final shot.  I'm pretty sure he's about 7' tall with them on.

I ran into Chewbacca (or Dart, if we're talking about the person under the fur) when I was recruiting, and he graciously agreed to participate in this project.  In chatting with him, I discovered that although he technically fits the description of a cosplayer, he doesn't really consider himself a part of that community.  Generally, cosplayers tend to focus a lot on anime, which really isn't his thing.

As if Chewy wasn't impressive enough (Dart made this himself), this isn't his only costume.  He participates in a couple of groups that will make not-for-profit appearances for kids' groups and such.  I'd say that's a mighty good use of a costume.

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